Find out Canada’s leading Employers for 2020

For quite a few years Canadians have been experiencing a strong job market growth, stable unemployment rate, and high living standards. While it’s a great news for employees, it’s also benefiting lots of employers in Canada, setting up a stage for them to hire and retain top talent from different parts of world. Considering the current scenario of Canada’s job market, it won’t be wrong to say that now is the time for immigrant aspirants to look for a job in Canada and build a new life in the maple leaf country.

Forbes in its partnership with Statista, a leading market research company, released a list of top 10 Canadian companies, which are set to create a benchmark for implementing the best-of-breed workplace practices in 2020. The list is prepared after surveying 8,000 Canadian employees to determine the best companies to work for in Canada. The research project surveyed businesses with at least 500 employees. The participants ranked a total of 300 employers who have built exceptional organizations.

The winning employers are evaluated based on their workplace culture, work atmosphere and social, performance management, work-life balance, financial benefits, HR policies, and everything that makes a company top-rated among its employees as well as job-seekers.

Top 10 companies in the list are established in major as well as smaller Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Winnipeg. Most of these organizations belong to Information and Technology, and Transportation sectors, while some of them are from retail, utilities, and education sectors.

And, the best part is- they all need skilled workers who want to work in Canada and live a better life.

So, without any further ado, let’s discuss them all!

1. Google

This well-known search engine giant has been crowned as the best place to work consecutively for last three years. Its offices are located across different parts of Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Alberta, Edmonton, Ontario, and Kitchener.

2. Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Quebec is yet another name that proudly made it to the list of top 10 Canadian employers in 2020. It’s a public utility company that provides electricity across the province. Hydro-Quebec is headquartered at Montreal, Quebec with 19,904 employees.

3. Cisco Systems

Cisco is a popular name among IT and Internet Services providers. The company is headquartered at Toronto, Ontario, and has spread its operations across all major Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal.

4. Costco Wholesale

A well-known retail and wholesale giant in Canada, Costco Wholesale is one such company which has established its presence across every province. Canada immigration aspirants looking to build a career in information technology, finance, marketing industries may confidently opt for this company.Canada Top Employers5. Ubisoft

If you love playing video games, then probably you are familiar with this name. The popular video game company is also loved by its employees in Canada. Headquartered in Montreal, Ubisoft has 16,000 employers, and is looking for skilled professionals with skills in animation, quality control, etc.

6. Microsoft

Microsoft has moved up from ninth to sixth position from last year. The company is about to open a new office in Mississauga and downtown Toronto in 2020.

7. Boeing

We all know popular Boeing is in the world of aviation industry. The company has around 75% share in manufacturing top-notch airplanes till date. Boeing offers career paths in data science, cybersecurity, IT, and manufacturing domains.

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8. Air Transat

Air Transat is a huge name in Transportation and logistics industry. The company is currently hiring in Quebec and Ontario. So, complete all your Canada PR Visa requirements and head to Canada.

9. FedEx

FedEx is a multinational delivery services company that with operations across various locations in Canada. Currently, the company is looking for cargo handlers, ramp handlers, and couriers.

10. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is also rated at the best place to work as well as study in Canada.

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