Find Out How to Apply for Australian PR from India!

Australia is a great place for living, working and exploring. The government offers protection and vital rights to all its employees. Indians have a great craze of attaining the residency of Australia because it is amongst top 25 hot destinations which an aspirant wishes to opt for. There are many channels to enter the Kangaroo Land. The visa is the gate pass which allows the Indian to enter the country. Applicant can select the visa type according to one’s need.  Visa can be applied for family visit or holiday visit, business visa, medical treatment, or transit visa but all these are for temporary residency. Holding a temporary visa and satisfying its norms is a step ahead in attaining permanent residency in Australia.

Many Indians don’t have knowledge as to how to apply for Australian PR from India. It’s as easy as ABC where a stands for application, B for be ready with supporting documents and C for call the help line number which is available on the VFS Global Service. Visa application can be downloaded from the VFS Global Services after making an id on the site. The applicant is allowed to apply with this unique id and has to fill all the information regarding his family, job, age, financial status, and there are few queries regarding any criminal case against the applicant. All true and exact data should be submitted for early and hassle-free visa processing.

Application for Australian PR from India can also be submitted at the or can be sent to the visa office at Australian high commission, Chanakya Puri at New Delhi, through courier. Whereas application along with passport and all necessary papers are submitted at application centre situated at Nehru Place in New Delhi. This centre is open on all week days between 8.00am and 4.00pm. The list of holidays is mentioned on the VFS Global site, and can be consulted before the submission.

After living in Oz, on a temporary basis, the person becomes eligible for getting PR of the country. The migrant, who has lived for 2 years in the Kangaroo Land, either on study visa or on business or work visa, can apply for its permanent residence.  Skilled people can apply for PR Visa under the Visa Sub Class 887 which states that the migrant should have worked for 12 months in the nation and should have lived therein for not less than two years. He should hold a bridging visa A or B. Another pathway for attaining PR in the Kangaroo Land is the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme under the Subclass 857. This plan is for independent people and it has reduced the requirement of skilled migrants.

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