Finding a Place to Stay in Canada!

Congrats newcomers for landing in Canada!! Making a good base in Canada as soon as you land in Canada is essential. A temporary housing for the first few weeks in the starting might be a good option but don’t go for hotels as they might prove to be too expensive. Here are some of the options that you may want to choose:

  • You may like to rent a furnished room or hire an apartment. Take the local daily or surf the Internet and check the classified ads column to search for rented apartments. There is nothing wrong in taking guidance from your neighbors as they may know the local area and the cost of living better than anyone else.
  • For some apartments, the owner may ask for monthly rent while some may ask you to sign an annual lease. Additional costs like electricity bill and water bills may include or exclude, depending upon the contract.
  • Ensure that you clear everything including the legal terms in advance from the owner. Getting a household insurance is also a wise option.
  • Rights and Responsibilities: As a Tenant, you have certain legal rights and have the freedom to live anywhere you choose. If you are discriminated on certain basis, you can complain against it. In addition, you are attired with responsibilities too.
  • Buying a Home: Look for classified sections in the local newspapers or consult a local “real estate agent.” Look for “For Sale” signs in front of emptied houses. Don’t buy the first home that comes your way. Do a thorough research and look for best price quote. There may be hidden hosts linked with your contract. Clear all that in advance. Call 1 800 668 2642 for more assistance.
  • Other Utilities: Book your utilities for your new home like choosing gas, oil or electricity in advance. There are so many firms which provide these facilities. Look for them in the Yellow Pages.
  • Food and other supplies: Look for local Canadian stores, Grocery stores, Department stores, and shopping malls near you on the Internet or ask your neighbors for more info on the same. They might be better acquainted with these facts than anyone else. A majority if these stores have cashiers sitting, to allow you to make the payments.

Contact your local immigrant-serving organization for more info.

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