Flexible Immigration Laws, Says Cox

According to the Chief Executive of Hays, Alistair Cox, the Immigration laws of the United Kingdom should be made a bit more flexible if the country wants the necessary skilled migrants.

While addressing the gathering present in London during the launch of Hay’s Manifesto for Employment, Cox said that the current trend on cutting down on immigration, especially for non European Union countries would not give out the desired results. This step does not cater to the nation’s need for skilled professionals. He said that Hays itself had thousands of NHS vacancies to be filled in the south east.

As per Cox, there is a choice in hand which has high stakes involved. It is but obvious that either skilled migrants who are highly qualified and trained for the job in hand are permitted or the country has to settle with worst of the health services.

With the current trends in the labor market for medical and health practitioners, it is for the country to be able to learn and adapt the same. This would help to attract the pool of skilled professionals to come and work in the United Kingdom.

He also mentioned that there are about seven hundred and seventy five thousand jobs that are yet to be created in the coming few years. This is specific to the field of engineering, science and mathematics. This is definitely going to fuel major skill shortages in these specific sectors.

Cox also emphasized that inspite of the additional funding being pumped by the government, the maximum number of graduates with the relevant skills entering the job market would not be more than a hundred and sixty thousand. More so, this number would only be achieved over a period of time. The mere shortage of skilled professionals might just turn out to be sole reason for the barrier in the economic growth.

Amending our ways to attract the necessary resource is the key.

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