Follow Rules to Retain Canada PR Status

There is a visa application process to get the prized residency rights in the Canada, and every individual who is not a resident, must follow the rules and obligations to settle in the country. Once you are approved as a Permanent Resident (PR) of Canada, you will get a Resident Card, and will be given the same rights as that of the Canadian Citizen.

The process of the Canada PR is not that easy, and is pretty time-consuming and complex. The process changes frequently due to the different foreign policy initiatives and also the modifications made to the regulations.

If you’re planning to travel outside the Maple Leaf Country after immigrating to this place, you must be able to follow certain rules and cater to obligations in order to hold your PR status. To make this happen, it is required to stay in the country for a period of more than two years.

Only then, you can meet the residency obligations. That means you can spend a total of up to three years in another country. Even if you wish to leave the country for more than three years, you can somehow extend the time period even as you will be able to meet the residential requirements.

Suppose you are outside Canada for an extended time period, you can accumulate the days (residency) if you are travelling with a Canadian Spouse or just the partner or a child under 19 years of age who accompanies a parent. Also, you can get employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business or the Public Service of Canada which holds a position outside the country; or if the spouse or child of a permanent resident staying outside Canada is employed in a business or a company for a full-time basis.

Suppose you reside in the country, the immigration officer would simply ensure if you have complied with your residency obligations. In case, he finds that you haven’t compiled, then you will be given marching orders by the officer. You don’t have to visit these officers. You will be informed by these officers in writing about your lost permanent residence status.

If your PR status gets lost, you can resubmit it within the span of approximately two months of issuing the order. In case you submit your appeal, then the officer might consider your case on humanity as well as compassionate grounds before making any final decision about your status.

Extension of Immigration Period

In case you wish to move out of Canada for an extended period, then you must inform the immigration officers, as well as the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) about your returning period so that there are no more issues with your status. You must however reside for at least four years out of six years in the Maple Leaf Country to be considered as a legal Canadian resident who would become eligible to apply for the citizenship.

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