Canada Permanent Residency Application

Follow These 5 Tips to Prepare your Next Permanent Residency Application

Is migration to Canada on your mind? Are you preparing yourself to take that one life-changing decision? Then you have come to the right place. We have compiled some simple yet effective tips that will help you ace your Permanent Residency Application. As understanding the procedure involved is crucial for the success, the following tips will surely guide you on the same.

Identify the Program you are Interested in

 As Canada is a popular immigration choice, it’s a no surprise to see thousands of people waiting for their golden ticket to this beautiful country. To better streamline the program, the Government of Canada has introduced different immigration programs that can be divided into three broad categories: Family, Economic, and Refugee and Humanitarian. Some of these programs follow a point-based system while others follow a first-come, first served basis. So, it makes sense to do some background work and choose the program that is suitable for you.

Get some Professional Advice

Getting the hang of Permanent Residency process to Canada isn’t a piece of cake, so getting some professional help is required to make the most of your application. Having a trusted and experienced immigration consultant on board can solve all your doubts regarding the procedure and let you represent your case in the best possible manner.

Gather all your Relevant Documents for Submission

An applicant is required to submit certain documents and paperwork during the entire course of their PR visa application. It’s very crucial to keep all documents ready before it gets late and you lose your chances of obtaining the visa. Some of these documents such as police verification certificate, background check, reference letters etc., may also take even months to obtain, so make sure you get the checklist before facing any unnecessary delay on the application.

Check Your Eligibility

Additionally, it’s equally important to follow the checklist regularly as the requirements of IRCC keeps on changing based on the program you are applying for.

Be Thorough and Accurate on your Application

 It’s essential to provide correct and complete information to avoid any disruption in the process of your application. In particular, you must read eligibility criteria carefully and thoroughly understand the requirements and instructions in the application form. Don’t take any risks; double-check the documents before hitting the submit button. In case of any concern, do not hesitate to contact your consultant who will help you on how to apply Permanent Residency and the next course of action.

Never Ever Provide False Information

 Providing misleading information about yourself in any way can jeopardize your chances of getting PR visa for Canada or any other country for that matter. You could also get a lifetime ban from entering Canada, so never do it. Even if you succeed in getting the PR, and it is discovered later that you have obtained the permanent resident status via fraudulent means, your status will be revoked immediately and you will be sent back to your home country.

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