Formalities to Be Reduced for Migration Representatives in Australia

It has been made public that the re-registration procedure for the migration consultants in Australia is to be made relatively easier and simpler even as the amendment–scheduled to become effective during the month of January 2014–has been put on hold. The concerned Australian minister stated that the English language skill condition for the re-registering of the migration representatives will presently not take place even as the move is component of a general drive to decrease paperwork.

Under the previous Labour administration, the change influencing migration agent’s re-registration was scheduled to become effective from January 01. However, the minister stated that making the re-registration process trouble-free will save the field both money & time. It is claimed that the pronouncement shows the regime’s pledge to cut down red tape even as it will enable the migration consultancy business to concentrate on providing first-rate support and help to clients.

The minister elucidated that she was not very happy that the ex administration’s decision to inflict an extra load on re-registering representatives, by necessitating them to display their English language capability was backed by proof. She asserted that it was clear from her consultations that the industry stakeholders were worried by the harmful results the step would have had on the skilled agents. A broader evaluation of the visa and immigration advice business is to be discussed, and this comprises the English language necessity for the migration representatives entering the line-of-work.

The minister added that–against the backdrop of the part enacted by the migration consultancy business in the delivery of migration scheme of Oz–it is crucial that it duly maintains rather high standards and keeps growing professionally.

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