Frauds that Canada’s immigrants must be aware of!

If you have your Canada PR visa and are looking forward to moving to your new destination, some people can take away your excitement if you are not careful. There are specific scams that are commonly reported that happen to the newcomers in Canada. As a new immigrant, you can be excited and nervous, and therefore, you may take some steps that may land you in trouble. Here is a read for you to help you stay safe in the new country before you fall prey to these fraudsters’ hands.

Authorized Representative Fraud

If you are hiring an RCIC agent, Lawyer, or Notary to represent you for your Canada PR visa, the agreement must be signed with him. Here is how the fraud is carried out: While the consultant’s websites and promotional material will provide photographs and details of an RCIC agent, the agreement is not signed with him. In the process, though you are paying with the assumption that you are getting the advertised RCIC agent’s services, that is not the case. Such fraudulent consultants make you sign a smart agreement with their company that does not mention RCIC services. Thus, against the payment completed, you are only getting documentation guidance, not benefits of knowledge and wisdom of a licensed, regulated RCIC agent.

Fake Calls

Someday, you may receive a call from an imposter claiming to be an IRCC official and threatening you of your PR status due to some errors in your application. He /she will ask you to pay some amount as a fine or penalty immediately to save yourself from immigration fraud. Here, before panicking, you must remember that an IRCC official never calls you to collect fees or fines. Secondly, they can never threaten to do something or force you to pay immediately. In case of a genuine query, you will receive communication through the proper channel, and under no circumstances will you be threatened, forced, or manipulated to pay or anything else.

Fake Emails

You may receive an email suggesting you invest money or give personal information that may compromise your passwords or privacy in general. Please understand that a legitimate investor will never share bulk mails, neither any genuine person will ask for your personal information such as passwords or bank details. The mail tone may be convincing; therefore, you must be careful enough not to share your information.

Fake Computer Virus Alert

Someone may approach you through call, text, or email notifying you of a computer virus that has infected your system. In place of getting you rid of the virus, you may be asked to provide your computer password and other personal information. In such cases, do not give any information to someone you haven’t approached. Get your system fixed at authorized computer centers.

Fake prize-winning

One of the most popular ways to dupe the innocent newcomers is to give them bait by offering them individual prizes that they have won. If a text or person asks you to provide certain personal information, do not entertain the request. Delete or block such scammers immediately.

By now, it must be clear that they can approach you through any medium on the pretext of any false cause. However, you must be vigilant enough to understand that you should provide your personal information to a stranger under no circumstances. They can be threatening, coercive, manipulating. They may even look authentic, but no genuine person would ever ask for your personal information or bank details if you haven’t approached them for the same purpose.

While in Canada, there are safety measures for the immigrants in case they face any such trouble. In case of a fake call, you can report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, and mistakenly, you have been duped; you can register your case to the local police, and strict action will take place accordingly. Though Canada has excellent law and order system in place, as they say, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, stay alert and be safe from any fraud in Canada.

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