Fraudster Caught at U.N. Headquarters!

A former volunteer for the United Nations has been caught in a scam where in he used to pose as a UN lawyers or an Immigration Service Staffer to churn out money from immigrants. He went to the extent of using the UN headquarters as his stage to con thousands of dollars. The fraudster named Marc Payen was making the innocent immigrants meet him at the public lobby of the headquarters. He used to tell them that his office is upstairs.

Payen is now being kept on bail of $75,000. He was previously on probation after he had accepted of being involved in Queens Immigration Scheme. He pleaded not guilty for charges including forgery, larceny and other matters.

In the current case, he was acting as a volunteer, who was adjudged with providing information regarding the housing to employees at the U.N. However, he was not catering to services which a lawyer or an immigration service provider offers.

With this fraudulent activities, Payen conned for more then $12,000 for services which he never offered. This was for six immigrants whom he had promised of helping them obtain a greed card or other legal documents.

The representatives from the U.N. have not yet responded in this matter. However, Payen has been banned for the headquarters. Payen was born in Haiti and was 28 years of age. He was also charged for accepting money for false promises to obtain green cards in Queens. He would be facing atleast 7 years of imprisonment if found guilty in the present case.

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