French Immigration Policy Not Working!

The security crackdown by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been termed as being racist. This has led to emerging concerns in the right-wing camp and led to fears pertaining to the international image of the nation.

The Gypsy settlements were being raided each day which led to the arrest of hundreds of Roma who were not born in France to be removed from the nation. These have been compared as being similar to the Nazi-era collaboration with France by one of the members of the ruling party.

This crackdown on the illegal campsites of the Gypsies came in parallel with measures which intended to take away the citizenship of criminals who are foreign born. This came about after forming a link between immigration and crime. It is being hoped by President Sarkozy that these tough measures would help with his constant popularity amongst the voters in France till the 2012 presidential election. However, it sure has been opposed by the politicians in the right.

This initiative seems to have a turn that wasn’t expected, especially when the men, women and children were separated and rounded up. It seems there is some form of confusion when it comes to demarcating immigration and crime. It is related to more of the times when the Jewish citizens were detained in the wartime. After all, it is definitely not correct to link all aspects together. These include terrorism, integration, and religion as foreigners walking into the nation. And so, it is important to have an immigration and integration policy which is accepted and reasonable enough to deal with all aspects with justice.

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