French President Addresses Illegal Migration Issues in his Vatican Trip!

According to the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, the fight against the illegal migrants was an important stand to be taken. He said this after he had talks with Pope Benedict XVI. At the same time, a top cardinal had requested France to welcome more immigrants. As per Jean-Louis Tauran a senior French Cardinal, more has to be reflected by France and its leaders as to what could be done in order to bring about oppressed as well as the immigrants. He said this during a prayer service in St Peter’s basilica.

In August also, a senior official from Vatican had also joined the international criticism regarding the crackdown operations by France on the Roma minority. As per him, Paris wasn’t treating fairly when it comes to the European norms.

According to the Secretary of the Pastoral Care of Migrants at the Vatican and the Itinerant People Commission, it would be difficult to generalize and select one entire group and throw them out of the nation. According to Pope Benedict XVI, the scriptures are an invitation when it comes to understanding and accepting the logical distinction between humans.

The operations pertaining to the crackdown of illegal migrants was started by the French authorities in July. They mainly targeted the traveler camps and removed over 1,700 Roma. These people were deported to Bulgaria and Romania.

On the other hand, a threat to bring about legal action has been issued by the European Commission. Paris would be subject to legal action unless it agrees to abide by the rules of the European Union regarding the freedom of movement. They have been given a deadline of October 15th.

At the same time, President Sarkozy’s visit to the Vatican is also being termed as an initiative to gain more Catholic votes in France.

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