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It’s an open secret that among the many overseas immigration destinations Canada occupies a very high place even while migrants migrate to it from practically all over the world. The trend has been continuing since long. Significantly, the fertility rate in the nation is just 1.68 children per female, even as the majority of the nation’s population growth is courtesy immigration.

Actually, today, the percentage of the migrants in the nation is pretty high so much so that it won’t be wrong to call the Maple Leaf Country a nation of migrants. The percentage of the overseas-born nationals was 19.8% during 2006. Today, it surely must be much higher. These days, majority of the visitors arrive from the countries of China, Indian, & Philippines.

Canada Immigration

Why there is such a great interest in Canada immigration? The nation is a developed world economy and boasts of mind-blowing educational and healthcare facilities. The nationals by and large have a cosmopolitan outlook and are friendly. The visa and immigration policies of the country which are run and managed by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) are rather flexible and easy-to-follow. The Citizenship and Immigration to Canada services offered by the CIC proffer good many opportunities to the aspirants as per their specific needs and backgrounds, not to mention aspirations.

Not only this, this wonderfully striking country has five cities amongst the top 25 most habitable world cities. From the Asian people’s standpoints, the country is an even more astonishing destination to move to. Its robust Asian societies have been set-up for more than 100 years even while two of the top five biggest Asian groups outside Asia are located in Vancouver & Toronto–the leading cities of the Maple Leaf Country.

Citizenship and Immigration to Canada services

No wonder, the beautiful nation has several attractions even while it inspires the many would-be migrants no end. If you wish to become a part of the thriving and prosperous Canadian society, and move to the maple leaf country as a migrant, you would do well to chalk-out your immigration plans in the best possible and methodical way.

Ottawa may welcome migrants with an open heart, but the candidates need to file a visa petition– complete with all the basic required papers and documents. The petition also requires to be submitted under the right visa category, and at the right time.

And all this may not be possible for a common candidate who may not have the time and the knowledge to submit an error-free application with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). What to do in such situations? Well, the applicants require using the Citizenship and Immigration to Canada services proffered by the many professional visa and immigration consultancies, like Abhinav, for example.

Why Abhinav!

Well, it’s an exceedingly trusted and famed visa and immigration consultancy with a pan India presence. Brought into existence way back in 1994, it is spearheaded by an industry veteran, who believes in offering 360-degree Citizenship and Immigration to Canada services to the many Canada immigration inspired candidates.

Under his stewardship, the many Abhinav Canada Permit advisors give top quality support and assistance to the applicants and help them gain what they want, a Canada Visa, that also inside a reasonably short time, and without any major problems. They know that a common applicant may be hard pressed for time. He may also not have deep pockets but pressing needs. And so they advise the aspirants to settle for a program which has the best chance of ending in their favor.

Their role as immigration mentors starts right from the state wherein the qualifications & CVs of the candidates are positively examined by them even while right from the beginning to the conclusive and decisive final stage (wherein the aspirants gain their valued Canadian Permits), they do almost every possible thing to make the entire visa process for Canada as silky as possible.

Those who are inspired with Canada immigration and wish to obtain a Canada Visa would do well to just fill-in their Canadian Permit Evaluation Form and Abhinav Canada Agents would inform them, post review, wherein they (aspirants) stand, or how good the chances of their making the cut are.

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