Genuine Students to be Given Australian Visas

According to strict Australian amendments regarding the immigration facets, only “genuine” students would be allowed to enter the premises and study in the Australian educational institutions from now onwards.

The Australian Department has confirmed this statement. In addition, strict policies have been introduced regarding the acceptability of genuine students in the country. According to the official statement depicted in an official press release, additional checks would be inculcated on those applicants who are speculated to abuse the system or applauded as a thread to the immigration policies.

On the contrary, genuine students won’t face any difficulties in gaining the visas, provided they prove their authenticity. Hence, a balance would be created between the immigration policies.

Amongst the changes, would be amendments in how the applications would be assessed if students are planning to apply for a single course. In addition, Australian visa cancellations policies would also make a certain amount of improvement in the same.

According to Immigration Minister Chris Evans, his department is making improvements in authenticating student’s claims where there are not much compelling reasons for denying the applications.

It has been said that the changes would portray a huge impact on the number of applicants planning to study in Australia in the upcoming years. According to the stats, Indian students form the second highest source providers of students to Australia after the Chinese students.

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