Germany All Set to Simplify Immigration Laws!

Germany is bucking up before it gets too late. Alarmed by severe labor shortages in almost every sector, the European Union nation is currently in a mood to work on its immigration laws- in a bid to attract foreign workers to possibly fill the gaps in the job market. Germany happens to be one EU country with rigid rules that hardly allow professionals with foreign credentials to try their skills in their designated fields.

But, good news is on the card. Things are going to change, following the realization that the country’s stringent laws concerning recognition of foreign qualifications are doing nothing in favor of the otherwise booming economy. The real difficulty in Germany has been that foreign professionals looking for jobs in their designated professions usually end up taking lesser skilled jobs, because the country does not recognize their qualifications earned from foreign institutions.

Germany boasts a flourishing economy, but the current labor shortages for professions like engineers, physicians, craftsmen, as well as other skilled professions are posing real threat for the country. If the nation continues to retain this trend, coupled with an aging population, Germany’s labor shortage may sum up to 5 million professionals in the next fifteen years of span.

New legislation aiming at easing out the prevailing labor laws concerning foreign professionals has been passed by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet. If the bill gets the approval at the country’s lower and upper houses in Parliament, it would facilitate foreign professionals to get their credentials recognized and use their skills in the German labor market. The legislation is expected to undergo review at the Parliament this year- towards the end! The best part obviously is that the law will be applicable on prospective foreign workers from every corner of the world, while it would also cover those who are already living in the country.

Germany intends to be in the same league as United States, United Kingdom and Canada that have been attracting international talents and enjoying the benefits coming from their contributions. Thus, potential immigrants are in a real treat for their list of immigration destinations can now include Germany as well. For any assistance in immigration, send your resume to [email protected] for free-of-charge assessment for immigration.

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