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If you are looking for a peaceful nation that promises everything in its realm, ranging from good pay, lucrative opportunities, better education, life standards, healthcare and environment—in all these categories, Hong Kong stands tall. This city-state is pretty peaceful, and at the same time, it has immense potential for growth and expansion.

It is on account of this, that Hong Kong visas and immigration authorities are willing to help immigrants come and help the economy in meeting with employment, investment and family needs. The economy is willing to increase its growth and population, and in order to meet with this pursuit, they are making frequent and unprecedented changes in its immigration policies for quickly facilitating the movement.

These reforms have helped many needy and enthusiastic individuals to land up and live their dreams in the best possible way. Hong Kong visas and immigration norms are simple. Still, you must know the basics of it and through the advice and help provide with brief insight on employment, investment and family, you can definitely move to this country this year, in case you have all the following things that are mentioned below in this piece.

1. Hong Kong has special provisions for all those who have lived here and it repays them in the same length for the time and dedication they have invested in it. If you have been educated in the region, or you have completed your graduation from it, you are eligible to extend your stay and even file for PR in future.

2. If you have not been educated in Hong Kong, that doesn’t mean that you cannot enter this country. Rather, there are other provisions for such persons. So, they can move to this country with their degree and seek for employment opportunities there in. In case, you are a descendent of China, you can move to this country and work accordingly.

3. There are more provisions and special privileges granted to those who have graduated from this country. So, if you have graduated from this country, then you can apply for visa before 6 months of the completion of graduation. Simultaneously, it is not mandatory in your case that you must hold an employment letter from any employer back in Hong Kong at the time of the application. You will be given additional 6 months after the graduation period to stay in the country, and seek the job that fits your requirement.

General Employment Policy (GEP)

To improve employment, investment and family in Hong Kong, the nation has special provisions for general individuals. So, they would be granted the opportunity to move to the nation, but for that you must meet with the educational qualification needs, language proficiency and experience level in the desired job for facilitating your movement.

If you need more insights on Hong Kong immigration and visas, advice and help with employment, investment and family, then it is a much better choice to go for professional consultants. They would be able to provide the best information that would make your movement easy and a doable pursuit.

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