Get Australian Permanent Resident Visa, Enjoy Numerous Benefits!

Permanent Residency (PR) in a developed country like Australia is something that much attracts many migrants to the country. Yes, obtaining the prized and the much sought after Australian Permanent Resident Visa is a dream of a large number of the overseas immigration motivated aspirants. The PR Visa is like the Green Card offered by the US.

A person holding Australian Permanent Resident Visa is entitled to numerous benefits and rights and privileges. In a way, his status in the country is not much different from the citizens. He can stay, work and register for a study course, minus any curbs in the nation.

Australian permanent resident visa

Tough a permanent resident has the maximum number of rights and entitlements of a citizen, there are some differences as well.

For instance, a citizen has an automatic right of admission to the hotspot. But, in case a permanent resident chooses to travel globally, they require guaranteeing they have an Australian Permanent Resident Visa with a legally valid travel authority, in case they want to come back to Oz as a permanent resident.

A citizen has the right to cast his vote in the Australian Government polls. A permanent resident lacks this right in majority of the situations. But, if a permanent resident was listed to vote (as a British subject) before 1984, they could continue to be qualified to vote.

Benefits of Australian Permanent Resident Visa

Now let’s take a speedy look at some of the gains that will come your way once you get the PR status in the hotspot!

  1. As a permanent resident in Down Under, you can live in the nation, for an indefinite time-frame. Post you receive the standing you are free to move to and from the Kangaroo Land, minus any restrictions at all.
  2. Thanks to your status, you can offer your professional services to any particular recruiter or firm, in any vocation, except the Armed Forces as only the citizens have the right to be hired in the Armed Forces, courtesy security reasons.
  3. You can also provide sponsorship to your family members and aid them gain PR status in Oz, like you. However, this can be done only after an applicant fulfils the fixed terms & conditions.
  4. You can submit an application for the much sought after Australian citizenship.
  5. You kids born in the country will inevitably obtain citizenship by birth.
  6. You can also shift to the neighbouring New Zealand, and present a petition for a New Zealand Visa.

Australian Permanent Resident Visa—PR Visa Major Requirements

  1. You must be less than 50 years old.
  2. You must have a professional qualification.
  3. You must have a job experience of not less than 3 years.
  4. You must be in a position to furnish every required paper related to language skills, skills review, travel, etc.
  5. You be medically fit.
  6. You record must be clean and you must present a police clearance certificate.

It is not possible to fulfil these and other requirements in case you do not have experts to help and guide you. So, a wise move would be to allow the professionals to assist you out with the necessary papers & certificates. An expert visa consultant will make the process speedier with their systematic follow up.

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