Get Canada Business Immigration Visa for Permanent Residency Overseas!

For those eager to get Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada, the Canada Business Immigration Visa could be a very good option.

The Maple Leaf Country is a haven for business/investor migrants, perhaps, because it proffers first-rate environment and government support to the investors and businessmen, and helps them expand and grow in the country.

Welcoming investors and businessmen proves to be in the interests of the nation also as the foreign investors and businessmen pump funds in the Canadian economy, create jobs for the local people and manufacture goods–and all of these improve the already thriving Canadian economy and make it better and more competitive on the world map.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Canadian Government offer several kinds of business and investor visas, to facilitate the entry of the enterprising businessmen and investors into the country.

If you have the funds and/or the required experience, and can make a notable contribution to the Canadian economy, you can successfully apply and get Business Immigration Visa to Canada or an Investor Immigration Visa to Canada.Canada Business Immigration Visa

Ottawa and the IRCC choose the business category immigrants on the basis of, as mentioned before, their capability to become economically established and support the growth and expansion of the Canadian economy.

But who are the business immigrants? Well, these are basically those who may invest in, or launch businesses in the country and are likely to support the growth and expansion of a robust and flourishing Canadian economy.

The different provincial business immigration schemes obtainable in the nation are a wonderful alternative to investment immigration.

Getting a Business Immigration Visa to Canada necessitates a much lower personal net worth, vis-à-vis an Investor Visa, even as the bare minimum needed investment is frequently as low as CAD $100,000.

On the whole, entrepreneur immigration to the country with a Business Immigration Visa to Canada necessitates the applicant to either start or buy, and then dynamically run a qualifying small trade in the country.

In the wake of satisfying the different pre-decided terms & conditions, the holders of the Entrepreneur Visa may then become permanent residents and sooner or later citizens of the nation.

Canada Business Immigration Visa Categories

  1. Start-up Visa
  2. Self-employed Persons

Start-up Visa Programme

With a view to be qualified for this Business Immigration Visa for Canada, you must have, among others:

  1. An obligation of backing from a nominated Canadian venture capital fund, business incubator or angel investor group;
  2. A capacity to converse in either the French or the English language; and
  3. A satisfactory amount of funds with a view to settle and meet the daily expenses for the cost of living before you start earning.

Self-Employed Persons

With a view to be entitled for this Business Immigration Visa to Canada, you ought to possess 1 of these:

  1. Skills that will make an important contribution to the nation’s cultural or athletic life; or
  2. Skills in farm administration even as you must plan to and be in a position to purchase and run a farm in the Maple Leaf Country.

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