Get Canada Business Permit for Short Business Trips!

Ottawa offers a vast range of attractive choices for individuals keen to make a journey to the nation. More often than not, in case you are interested to do a job in the country, you would have to submit an application for a Work Visa.

But, what in case you just wish to make a trip for a short duration of time, say, for a business meeting, or to start a business deal? Well, in that situation, you could be qualified to present an application for a Canada Business Permit.

In majority of the situations, you would be regarded a Business Visitor, in case you have landed on the Canadian soils, for a short term, to explore opportunities, to develop your business or to make an investment, or to even expand any business associations.

Since there is not any separate petition for a Business Permit, it is vital that you submit a petition for an impermanent resident permit, much like most travelers, unless, of course, you happen to be from a permit exempt nation.

A key thing that you require to show is that your primary source of income and also place of business are outside of the territorial jurisdictions of the Maple Leaf Country. You would also have to persuade the concerned official (s) that your journey is provisional even while you plan to return to your home nation.

You would also have to exhibit links to your home nation and furnish some papers/certificates, such as financial statements or evidence of employment, which essentially reinforce your specific case, and assist you show your connection with your home nation.

Apart from these, you have to show that:

  1. Your period of your trip is less than 6 months;
  2. You have no intentions whatsoever to gain admission into the nation’s labour market;
  3. You require possessing every necessary certificate/paper which show that you are acceptable; and
  4. You possess adequate funds to maintain yourself all through your tour, and sufficient cash to go back home.

For several individuals landing from permit exempt nations, the business visitor petition can typically be presented at the port of entry.

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