Want to Live Freely Overseas? Get Canada PR Visa!

Canada’s Permanent Residency (PR) is given to the non-citizens of the country. The holders have a right to live and work in the nation indefinitely but neither are they the Canadian passport holder nor they can they cast vote. Out of every five years they must live in Canada for two years, otherwise they risk of losing their PR status. A Permanent Resident may hold some of the benefits enjoyed by the Canadian Citizens.

It’s no surprise to find why people are eager to make the Maple Leaf Country there second home. Its economy, high standard of living and renowned education institutions…these are just some of the reasons that motivate many to move to the country as permanent residents.

If you wish to acquire Canadian Permanent Residence there are many easy-to-follow visa and immigration programmes and pathways to choose from. Here given below are just some the options that may help you to acquire Canada PR visa.

Express Entry System: Introduced in January 2015, it is one of the quickest point based programmes introduced with the aim of meeting the growing demand of skilled workers throughout the country.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP): Under the programme, each province can nominate prospective immigrants who want to live and work in that specific province with the ability to contribute towards the province’s economy. For potential applicants, it is an easy and fast track option. The PNP is designed to meet the specific demands of the province.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): It is especially designed for foreign professionals and international graduates who are already residing in the country as a temporary resident, and wish to become the nation’s permanent residents. They are mainly selected on the basis of their Canadian degree and experience.

Family Sponsorship: The Maple Leaf Country believes in family ties and has arguably the most feasible family reunification programmes. These allow its citizens and Permanent Residents to sponsor their relatives and family members.

Business Class: The programme is developed to attract potential business professionals with substantial capital and an experience of running a business. It is also meant for those who have a work experience at managerial post with the demonstrated ability to create fresh employment opportunities for Canadian citizens and clear ability to immediately contribute towards the country’s economic growth.

Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is renewed once in five years, and during the requisite time period the applicant has to be physically present in the Maple Leaf Country even as he should have successfully satisfied the other residency requirements. In any case the PR visa cannot be renewed without holding the Canadian address or being physically present in the country. If you have lived in the country, abide by its laws for at least three years you become eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship and national passport.

Before an applicant is granted PR Visa, he has to clear the security check. He should not hold a criminal record and should be medically fit. Those who fail to meet the basic eligibility will be grounded to Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). Permanent Residents residing in Canada with a criminal history also face the risk of being exiled to their native country.

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