Get FBI PCC Clearance in India

All those who are intending to get FBI PCC clearance in India, here is some quick information on the same. Applicants can get the same in India via two main channels. Either they can get finger printing from a government certified firm.

The process is not a tedious one and is covered in a quick span of half an hour. The main activity is recording the fingerprints which generally take just twenty minutes. The procedure is implemented on a FD 258 card.

M/S J. K. Consultancy is located in Delhi and provides services related to fingerprinting process that is requited as part of the FBI PCC Clearances process. The charges differ for people living in Delhi as well as those residing outside the premises.

The other way is to get the fingerprints done by the Government Forensic departments. For example,Chennai residents can approach Tamil Nadu Forensic Department. The cost is much less as compared to the consultancy located in Delhi. Applicants just have to visit the premises located on the on the Marina Beach Road in Chennai and go for the fingerprint recording. The office is called State Crime Record Bureau.

While visiting the Government Forensic offices, you need to mention that you require getting the fingerprints for the motto of acquiring valid visa. For further verification, consult an Immigration expert and clear your dilemmas.

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