Get Hold of Canada PR Visa & Enjoy Numerous Benefits!

So you want to become a permanent resident abroad, but the million dollar question that crops-up is: have you zeroed-in on the place of your choice? If not, then think of Canada, and go for the much sought after Canada PR Visa. Become a permanent resident in this amazing hotspot, and revel in all that this highly developed global economy and one of the most visited overseas destinations has to offer!

As per the available information, more than 200,000 people acquire the PR status in the Maple Leaf Country every year. The maximum number of the candidates wishes to get hold of the status so that they can ultimately attain citizenship and a Canadian passport. Numerous easy-to-follow Canadian immigration plans are available under which you may present a petition to get Canada PR Visa and become a permanent resident in the nation.

Canada PR Visa
Canada PR Visa

Once a petition is presented and duly sanctioned by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and you get your Canada PR Visa, you may shift to the popular destination and enjoy several of the identical rights as enjoyed by the nation’s citizens.

You–as a permanent resident–will have the right to enjoy quality healthcare, set-up your place of abode, and do a job in any province, seek and get protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and much more importantly, submit an application for the Canadian citizenship, of course, only if you successfully meet all the mandatory requirements.

Basically, the sole difference between a permanent resident and a citizen in the country is the right to hold public office, become a part of the Canadian military and cast votes. Important: becoming a permanent resident in the country is a BIG opportunity, even as it may be taken back in case you are found guilty of a severe felony/crime and accordingly exiled from the nation.

A different manner in which you, as a permanent resident, run the risk of losing your prized standing is by failing to fulfill your residency responsibility. For those not tuned in, a permanent resident in the Maple leaf Country is required to spend two years of every five year time-frame in the nation. And in case, at any port of admission, or at a Canadian visa bureau, an official feels that you have failed to meet the residency requirement, they have every right to calculate back 5 years to authenticate that you have spent a minimum of 730 days in the nation.

With a view to meet the residency requirements, and maintain the legal validity of your Canada PR Visa, it is required that you, as a permanent resident, have spent 730 days inside the preceding 5 years doing any one of these:

  1. Living & remaining in the nation.
  2. Going with your Canadian citizen partner overseas.
  3. Offering your professional services overseas for a Canadian firm/organization.

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