Get Hong Kong Immigration Permit—Know How To Do It!

Now-a-days, a majority of people–representing different countries, languages, ethnicities and cultures–have started to walk towards openness. They are resorting to different countries across the globe, for work and livelihood. Categorically speaking, this trend is seen more from the eastern part of the world. As this specific region has some of the countries that have started their growth story recently after their imperialism phase, the movement of individuals from these particular countries are happening rather thick and fast.

If you speak about the People’s Republic of China, and India–two of the popular and admired powerhouse economies in the South Eastern region–the movement of people from other countries, based in the South Asian continent to these countries, is happening more. So, you would witness individuals from Maldives, Indonesia, Sumatra, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan moving to these two particular nations.

Hong Kong Immigration

Recently, if you go by record, then Hong Kong and China are witnessing immigration on a rather massive scale. Hong Kong immigration permit has taken the initiative to keep a track of the movement. It is done primarily to check undue movements taking place and putting a pressure on the economy.

Hence, the bottom-line is that getting a work visa in this Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China is no longer a child’s play. In fact, it has become a herculean job, of sorts, to handle. In this backdrop, if you need Hong Kong immigration visa, for job purposes, then it is essential that you are through with all the formalities surrounding the visa application procedure and its subsequent approval.

The city-state of Hong Kong is a hub for manufacturing and IT even while every professional–no matter whether he/she is science graduate, business administration enthusiast or accounting officer—he/she wants his/her experience and expertise to be put to use in Hong Kong. Now, being a reader, there might be some questions popping at the back of your head, why so? Well, it is the pay scale and lucrative future that is guaranteed that makes many individuals become motivated with Hong Kong immigration.

Given his, if you are applying for this country, in that case, in the first place, you must see certain things that are adhered to during the application process:

  1. In the first place, it is crucial to hold a work permit letter and sponsorship from any employer based in this country. Though there are some parameters set by the immigration authorities in the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ duly stating that movement to the country can only be possible if you possess a valid work visa along with work permit sponsored from an employer based in this country, there are also some provisions where you can shift to the nation under the general immigration category and seek work there in. Given this, even though you do not have a job offer letter or any sponsorship paper, if you have certain basics that can determine your potential and make the immigration authorities believe that you can be the asset for their economy, then you can get immigration permit to Hong Kong duly arranged, and you can definitely stay in the country and look for jobs that satiate your education.
  2. Hence, if you don’t have a job, then no worries! Your education can help you meet the requirement, and if you have worked in your homeland in a job that justifies your education, then you can leave a trail. And, at the same time, you can also get a job once you land in the immigration hotspot. Hence–if you have worked that justify your education and you have the relevant experience to show to the concerned visa and immigration authorities, then they would allow you to procure immigration permit from any employer based in Hong Kong and stay in the country.

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