Get your Canada PR remotely during COVID times!

Get your Canada PR remotely during COVID times!

In these tough times of the pandemic, immigration is one sector that has been very uncertain causing discomfort to the future plans of the migrants. However, Canada maintained its immigrant-friendly reputation by keeping the immigration process ongoing. Those who are skeptical about the process for their Canada PR must understand that it is absolutely possible to get your Canada PR remotely from your home country, without any hassles.

There is a wide range of programs offered by Canada for immigration purposes. The process for each of these programs has been clearly explained on the concerned websites, and it depends upon the pathway you are choosing to get your Canada PR, if it can be proceeded with remotely. There are specific visas for which you will need to travel to Canada to apply for them, whereas for some programs such as Express Entry, there is no particular need to travel, and the entire process can be carried out through online mode.

Due to the pandemic, there have been delays in the PR applications’ processing; however, the Canadian Immigration Authorities have kept the process going. For the Entrepreneur Visa, the applications, where an exploratory visit to Canada is counted in the application, might have suffered. Though it is not mandatory, it is a conventional thing that demonstrates your willingness to migrate to Canada.

If you are migrating on a Work Permit, it is essential to travel to Canada for work. However, if you are applying under the Express Entry route or the Canada start-up visa program, there is no requirement to travel to Canada, and you can apply for these programs from your home country. As the Embassies and VFS centers were closed down, your application may take longer than usual, but it is possible to get your Canada PR remotely.

You may like to look at a Canada Start-up visa. In most situations, the entire process can be completed without visiting Canada.

With the vaccination process on, the day is not far when everything will become routine.

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