Getting US Green Card Now Long Drawn Out Affair

Interruptions and hold-ups in the technical procedure at the US federal immigration agency have reportedly resulted in the separation of several US citizens from their partners and close family members. Separation is thanks to the wait in the course of getting them a Green card.

During 2012, the Immigration organization was allegedly occupied focusing on the scheme launched by the US president wherein exile was rescheduled for the young unregistered visitors. The bureau was busy giving preference to the suggestion sent by Obama, and the requirement of the citizens to usher-in their family-members, via the Green card.

The authorities at immigration body are reported to be occupied with handling cases of over 11 million aliens living in the country illegitimately, and making certain that they manage to remain in the country. There are many persons who have been celebrating numerous events without their families, and family-members even while there is no indications whatsoever of them joining their close relations in the coming time.

Earlier, it was a not a difficult job to get hold of a Green Card for the close relatives, comprising partner and kids. And the same was probable even inside a time-frame of less than 6 months. With the passage of time, the petition build-up crossed the figure of 500,000, while the processing period begun taking more than 12 months.

And this resulted in families living separately. There are many cases when persons holding the US citizenship tied the knot in their home nations, and were rather certain of their spouses obtaining a Green Card almost immediately.

Attempts from Authorities

To manage the build-up and delay, the agency begun processing centers at three destinations even as it has assisted in decreasing the processing time and making the same to 10 months. With a view to deal with the order passed by the president, the bureau is allegedly processing even 2000 petitions in a single day.

The bureau was allegedly not given any additional support for dealing with the huge figure of cases of unlawful and unregistered aliens. With a view to manage the unregistered aliens, the normal procedure of Green Card submission appears to be getting influenced. And the same may be in the absence of labor force which was not given due attention, perhaps thanks to employing problems.

Gaining a green card is a requirement for several who wish to visit their family-members instead of husbands or parent in the country. The introduction of the DACA & such schemes has in reality influenced the lives of numerous persons who have their family-members residing away from them in some other nation.

Despite the fact that wait time for the US Green Card has increased, and eventually the victims happen to be none other than the candidates, a plan like this has positively offered a respite to several unregistered aliens present in the nation who have been residing, minus any officially authorized permission.

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