Ghanaian Couple Caught in Marriage Fraud!

A Ghanaian couple Lilian Asante, 38, and Kwadwo Asante, 40, were sentenced a probation of two years by District Judge Gregory L. Frost. They admitted that they got divorced in Ohio, got engaged to US citizens in order to get a PR status in the US. The irony is that the women herself is an US immigration lawyer.

The couple married each other in the year 1999. After three years of their marriage, the couple came to the US in the year 2002. The women went on to get a degree in the law field at Ohio State University, while the husband completed his MBA degree from Case Western Reserve. They divorced in the year 2004, but had a child in the year 2008, despite marrying different US citizens.

As far as the final judgment is concerned, an Immigration judge is yet to make any final words, but the defense attorney of the couple states that they are intending to leave the country very soon.

The facet of being an Immigration lawyer could not save the women from getting arrested in a fraudulence case. This case clearly depicts that Illegal migration is always termed as an act of crime and gets the attention of Immigration officers some day or another. Therefore, going for a Legal Immigration makes sense every single time. Hire the services of an Immigration and Visa expert for a bother-free application process.

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