Global Talent Category Enchants Firms in Canada

The much talked about Canadian Global Talent Category has become a big hit with the different companies in the nation, or so it seems.

Yes, in what could be called a rather major development–with far reaching effects–it is just some weeks since the Global Talent Category was introduced, and already the different job providers/firms in the IT/tech segment of Canada are, reportedly, witnessing how the latest endeavor could prove decisive, and play a key role in assisting their business expand and develop further!

Canada Immigration

Allegedly, the various organizations and employees are equally drawn by the two-week work permit processing standard, which enables the various openings to be filled rather swiftly. Consequently, the aspect of the Global Talent Category should aid the different firms/groups in the nation realize their actual growth possibilities, or so it is claimed.

Still, the Global Talent Category does not substitute any earlier existing Temporary Work Permit choice even as the same has been launched on and above those overflowing choices. Consequently, the various firms/groups in the Maple Leaf Country are, reportedly, examining which path is apt for them and their workers.

Allegedly, the most inspiring aspect of the Global Talent Category is the speedy turnaround of being able to usher-in people from the outside. It’s smooth even as the turnaround to usher-in in an overseas employee is not different from bringing in an employee from Canada.

Unless an employee from abroad is armed with an open Work Permit, it is classically the case that he requires an employment offer, prior to starting the procedure of getting a Work Permit in the country.

Luckily, for such employees, the nation’s tech segment is witnessing a protracted time of growth that does not divulge any mark of lessening—at least in the near future. The same brings about work possibilities in the nation’s biggest cities, like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, and also smaller urban hubs–like Halifax & Waterloo–besides many others.

Additional Choices

In case applicable in their case, the recruiters/firms in the Maple Leaf Country can reflect on bringing manpower to the nation as either intra-firm transferees, or under an international trade contract, like NAFTA, for instance.

And, even as the various recruiters/firms can use the path of applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), some specific professions could be exempt from the publicity & promotion needs in some particular areas of the nation.

Normally, the procedure of getting a LMIA comprises a minimum publicity condition that specifies the extent of time the commercial must be posted for, and also where the same could be promoted. The procedure may waste an organization’s precious time and, to a certain extent, its precious resources as well.

However, since the Global Talent Category in a wholly new concept, the administration will offer a more ‘hands on’ system to the programme oversight. It could comprise extra regular communication with the recruiter. While some recruiters/firms can see it as a positive characteristic, others can favor a lesser amount of ongoing contact with the government authorities.

Global Talent Category Requirements

The different recruiters/companies, keen to engage in some specific classes of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list of professions, can do it under the Global Talent Category.

A distinct class has been set-up for the various high-growth organizations which may prove a requirement to engage dedicated talent. It is compulsory that the recruiters/companies, under this particular class, are referred to the Global Talent Category by a suitably chosen referral partner.

It is mandatory that the recruiters/companies in both classes fulfill the different terms & conditions involving the payment of the trained labor force. The employees from abroad, signed-up via the Global Talent Stream, ought to be paid at the usual salary or more.

Additional New Amendments

In a new change introduced on June 12—exactly on the same day the Global Talent Category was introduced–the employees in the professions, categorized as NOC skill type 0 or A, can reportedly gain admission in the Maple Leaf Country to work for either one 15-day stay inside a six-month time-frame, or one 30-day stay inside a 12-month time-frame, minus first getting a Work Permit.

Apart from this, the researchers, carrying-out a mission in the nation, can reside for not more than 120 days inside a 12-month time-frame, minus a work permit, till the time they are engaged with a research mission at a publicly-supported degree-granting establishment or affiliated research organization.

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