Goa Ex-Minister Pacheco Involved In Immigration Scam!

Ex-Goan Minister Mickey Pacheco who has been alleged in the murder of his mate Nadia Torrado, is now caught in immigration scam. He is facing more trouble now, as the Bureau of Diplomatic Security has confirmed that the minister may have involvement in various frauds related with immigration scam. In addition, he is speculated to have connections with money laundering racket as well.

If certain sources are to be believed, the allegations have been supported by ample proofs and papers which have been provided by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Moreover, there are ample documents supporting the money laundering racket and the banking transactions associated with the scandal. It has been said that the CBI is now investigating on this matter and skimming through the proofs provided by the United States.

The minister is now on bail as he was taken into custody on July 9 on the charges of murdering his friend Nadia Torrado. After the allegations were made on him, he had to resign from the post and gave his resignation in June 6, following all the mess in his life. The ex-minister was granted bail on July 26.

The media is making all kinds of grapevine that the allegations against him are real and hold a lot of weight. But until the final verdict is announced, no one can say anything.

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