Guard Injured In Fight at Darwin Immigration Centre!

A guard got injured during a fight which involved around hundred asylum seekers at the Darwin Immigration Centre. The detention centre accommodates more than 450 inmates.  The incident took place at the detention centre was confirmed by the Immigration Department as told to the press.

The fight became quite violent with the involvement of more than hundred inmates but the Immigration Department denies accepting that it became violent. The Immigration Department is trying to hide the details about the incident from the people. When asked about the injury of the guard, they tried to hide the facts by saying that the guard has just got some bruises but actually he almost broke his arm.

The situation went out of control and officers from Northern Territory police had to be called to settle a dispute. Along with a guard, several asylum seekers were injured during the fight as informed by the Department of Immigration. Some of them were treated at the centre only but some inmates had to be taken to the nearby hospital.

The reason for the fight is still not known and the Immigration Department people are hesitant to speak openly about the issue to the media. But it is believed that the dispute caused over some issues of telephone. The incident is now being investigated by the police officers.

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