Guide for Newcomers: Know Your Rights!

Being a Canadian citizen or a resident requires you to obey/follow an organized system of law. The laws apply to everyone, no matter what profession you are in. Plus, every Canadian has equal access to the justice system and gain protection from it.

  • Police: Police force ensures that Canadians are safe and all kind of help is provided to the residents/citizens. In case of emergency, dial call 911. Also, one should NOT resist if questioned by the police authorities. If you are innocent, just patiently go through their clarification process and be calm as you are NOT guilty. You have the right to hire a lawyer and fight for your case. Never BRIBE the police.
  • Lawyer: You can pay a certain amount of fee and hire a lawyer to save your interests in court. Depending on your income level, you mat be granted legal services at low or free of cost. But you should NEVER hide anything and show all the mandatory documents to show as a proof.
  • Sexual Orientation: The laws protect everyone, irrespective of their sex. Everyone has the right to get the same education, job and other benefits/rights.
  • Language Rights: As Canada is an officially bilingual country, everyone is naturally attired with the right to get federal government services in English and French (which are the two official languages of the country).
  • Animal Protection: Animal cruelty laws are made to take care of both pets and livestock. In addition, abandoned or lost animals can be taken to the nearby Humane Society or animal shelter. People may be subjected to jail sentence or a heavy fine if found abusing animals.
  • Children’s Rights: Till the age 16, children have the right to get all the necessitates of life from their parents. Child abuse is a crime. The abuse may be of any kind, be it sexual, negligence or female genital mutilation.
  • Women’s Rights: As said earlier, rights are granted to everyone, irrespective of their sex. Women have the right to chose their jobs, get education, restrict any kind of abuse and go for judicial services in case of any assistance and in an attempt to protect their rights.
  • Seniors’ Rights: A senior (65 years or more) is granted certain rights and government benefits including old age security benefits and prescription drug plans, to name a few.

Abuse of any sort is a crime in Canada. Call 911 if succumbed to any such case.

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