Guinean Woman Granted Temporary Stay

After so much pleading and requests, the pregnant woman from Guinea Sayon Camara has been granted a temporary permit to stay in Canada, courtesy her medical situation. The woman is 24 weeks pregnant and is a diabetic patient. She has been granted a temporarily stay till the child is born.

The stay has been approved by the Canadian government on the grounds that she might face death or hold high risk of baby loss, if she lands up in the African land. The latter destination is not attired with ample medical facilities to take care of her, hence allowing the lady to stay in Canada on medical grounds.

She expressed her happiness by saying thank you to all in deep tears. She was ordered deportation under the speculations that her marriage was a sham and was commenced for the motto of acquiring immigration status. She was detained as the officials considered her a flight risk. But a last minute call from the Canadian government served as a huge ray of hope for her, granting her a temporary stay!

The lady went to say that her life is at risk in Guinea as her former husband’s family thinks that she is the main reason behind his death. Therefore, she may be taken into custody, if she returns back and hence risk her own and baby’s life in a major way.

In addition, her African homeland is decked with dangers all over! The lady elaborated that she was burned, raped and abused badly by her previous husband; hence her home would not be a safer home to live in now.

Keeping in mind the evidences provided by her, she has been granted a temporary stay. Speculations are that talks are going on to grants a PR in Canada.

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