Hamilton Duo Alleged with Human Trafficking Charges!

A Hamilton-based duo was found guilty of operating an unlawful immigration racket in Canada. They are being accused for violating the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada for misleading people with wrongful deeds. The persons in question are Ferenc Domotor and Gyongyi Kolompar, who engaged themselves in misleading 2 foreign citizens. The accused asked the foreigners to conceal their identity and indulge in misrepresenting their information in front of the immigration authorities.

Moreover, one of the accused has also been charged with providing employment to the two men who fell victim of the former as unauthorized persons. However, the accused are were expecting a bail hearing on June 10. The case involving Kolompar and Domotor is being taken care of by the Canada Border Services Agency, Canadian Immigration Department and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The case is treated under human trafficking investigation.

There have been many cases in Canada where foreign nationals are lured by employment promises, as well as high wages and accommodations by many human traffickers. But, when the former arrive Canada they are being used to work for free and lead poor lives.

Human trafficking is a major offense in Canada and those tend to violate the country’s regulations are bound to face the challenges. AS for the victims are concerned, it is always advised to seek the help of professional authorized Immigration and Visa consultants or agents in order to avoid unfortunate situation in the foreign country.

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