Have a Glimpse Of New Zealand Labor Market!

Want to know about the labor market in New Zealand? Indeed, you should have the knowledge about the same if you are planning to go and work in the country. Here is our little effort to help you in doing your homework in researching the New Zealand labor market, before you file application under the Skilled Migrant Visa category.

From a general viewpoint, it can be said that an average male employee in New Zealand works 37.9 hours in a week. Besides, he is being paid $1,010 per week for 1.2 hours overtime. The average female employee works 35.6 hours per week. She works for additional 0.5 hours to earn $816 a week.

Taking the statistics of salary ranges, over the last few years as basis, it can be assumed that finance, accounting, insurance, gas, electricity and water are the sectors in the country where employees earn some of the most attractive salary packages. Their average wages are twice as compared to that of the employees in retail and accommodation, restaurants or cafes sectors.

In New Zealand one can expect to get work if he/she has skills and experience. Or in other words, if you are expecting to get higher salary wages you must have a considerable amount of experience. A chartered accountant in cities like Wellington and Auckland earns from $105,000 to $110,000. The salary package of a corporate management candidate with experience can go over $100,000 per annum. Education sector is another sector where graduates are offered with attractive packages as per the country’s standards. An experienced school level teacher can expect to earn about $56,000 per annum. The yearly remuneration for university level professionals goes up to $73,000.

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