Health Care Bill Passed, Immigration Bill Next?

Obama’s administration has finally witnessed the approval of Health Care Legislation, clinching 219-212 vote marks and ensuring that millions of uninsured US people are covered under medical benefits. However, Republicans opposed the bill on the basis that it will bring domineering government control but the bill managed to pass with an easy flow!

It was the determined efforts of Obama who achieved what Presidents in the past could only dream of doing! He has accomplished the target against all odds, marking a huge victory in the end.

The US Health Care System records more than one-sixth of the American economy. Therefore, it is relevant that the proposed changes would affect every American! The passage of the bill brought a high satisfaction on Obama’s face as he hit the podium with his words, “We have established that this government works for people and this is what we call CHANGE!

It will become mandatory for the US citizens to have health insurance, barring few exceptions. The biggest facet of the Health Care reform is that millions of uninsured people would get beneficiaries, regardless of their condition or the risk factor involved in their case.

Self-employed workers, who are not able to get employer coverage, may find relief courtesy the Health Care Reform. Obviously, health insurance companies would surely get tens of millions of new clients, all thanks to the Health Care Legislation. Hence, insurance industry would see a massive boom in the upcoming decade.

Also, drug makers have agreed to assist elderly people so that they can afford to buy the medicines. Additionally, the health care plans would be expanded towards poor and would impose taxes on the rich people.

On the other hand, critics believe that the bill would reduce patients’ choices and increase the cost further!

Now that Obama has proved his point with the passage of Health Care legislation, one feels a deep sympathy for those people who are living in an undocumented manner in America. What will happen to their fate? Will Obama come out with flying colors in the case of Immigration Bill too? The Health care coverage will do no good to the illegal applicants who face the condition of LIMBO every single moment, irrespective of the fact that they equally contribute to the US economy just like any other legal citizen!

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