Heseltine presents report for UK Immigration Reform

Former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Heseltine, who was assigned earlier by the UK government for preparing the report and offer the important measures to make British business highly competitive and more successful, finally presented his report on October 31, 2012.

Entitled ‘No Stone Unturned’, the report has been presented along with 89 recommendations considering the UK business. Heseltine, a successful businessman and a former cabinet minister, shifted his focus on removing power from whitehall and devolve it to the regions, should directly get the investment funds as they better know how and where to invest such amount.

He also conceded that the United Kingdom should mobilize and also must be ‘on a war footing’ against those nationsĀ  that seek for country’s health and also reduction of some regulations that are responsible for governing and managing the UK industry, even though he said that some regulations are necessary.

Here are three most important recommendations made by Heseltine in his report.

  1. The UK government must try to educate more UK-born students to fill the job vacancies in the country’s labor market. Students must be encouraged to study engineering and other professional courses to get job offer immediately after completing the study. He also pointed out that the possibility of fruitful result, if it happens immediately. Besides, the unsubscribed (by 35 per cent) annual quota for overseas skilled migrants clearly signifies a negative impact on the UK business.
  2. The country must continue its effort of welcoming foreign students on its soil for the sake of its own growth.
  3. The UK needs to do more in handling illegal migration. In other words, the country must deal properly with illegal migrants especially in filling the low-skilled jobs.

He then said that of course a well-structured and managed immigration system can be better solution that is open for those who have required skills and able to fill the requirements by satisfying important criteria, still not interesting for those who don’t have and would not be allowed to stay here.

He further made three significant recommendations, keeping in mind the UK immigration policy.

  1. The government needs to go through the regulations related to the immigration policy as a part of the Red Tape Challenge process.
  2. The government must be fast in handling illegal migration and that must be accomplished through redeploying people at public sector on temporary basis as well as resources. Moreover, the government must also make its effort to do enough for a huge backlog of residency applications and deal with overstayers (those who are staying in the country even after expiration of their visa).
  3. The Home Office should take in charge of communication program for betterment of business communication and understanding of the skilled worker migrations laws for a wonderful alignment of people’s perception and reality.

The report got a huge appreciation by the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Chancellor of Exchequer, George Osborne. Cameron made his opinion about the report by saying that it was excellent. Meanwhile, George Osborne said that he would read the entire report carefully.

Ed Miliband from Labour Party, on the other hand, outraged against the report by saying that it was a full criticism of government’s policies, on Wednesday during the question hours headed by the Prime Minister, at the UK parliament. Chuka Umunna, Labour Party’s Business Spokesperson, also expressed his dissatisfaction over the report and said the repot is likely to be ignored by the government as its recommendations are out of step with his party’s perception.

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