Want To Know How High Your Chances Are Of Getting Australia Visa via SkillSelect?

There is no dearth of those who wish to figure out their likelihood of getting an Australia Visa through SkillSelect. Such aspirants also often wonder, post they file their EoIs, for how long should they cool their heels.

Well, you have a profession given on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) of Australia. You have also officially sent an Expression of Interest (EOI) with SkillSelect and you are cooling your heels to figure out in case you will receive that cherished Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a visa, right?

Perhaps, in your capacity as a trained migrant, you already know the Points Test of Australia, and the condition to reach a particular Points Threshold, to make the cut for movement under your specific line-of-work. Still, further than that how long should you be likely to wait for an ITA, and what are your general possibilities of obtaining a visa?

You want an answer to this question, right? Well, check this blog for an answer!

In the meanwhile, let’s check another question–what are your chances of obtaining a Australia visa?

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to answer this question with the reason being numerous factors are involved. Fine, you have a duly confirmed profession in demand; you have hit the Points Threshold, and also fulfilled the English language condition. Still, there is something that’s actually very tough to decide, and that’s the additional candidates.

Australia Visa

After you have expressed your EOI with SkillSelect, you are spontaneously given a spot against the other Australian visa candidates who have also submitted registered their EOIs.

Your position is based on the facts you share within your EOI even as the EOIs are given a spot employing the points obtained on the skilled migration points test. A prearranged pass mark will be fixed as the minimum points total needed for every specific visa class.

And, in a situation where you have the identical figure of points as a different aspirant, then this similarly scoring EOIs will be duly separated by the actual time of presentation with earlier dates of submission being given a higher rank.

Now let’s check some situations to decide how this would actually materialize actually!

EOI Situation Number 1

60 Points -60 Points-65 Points-70 Points–Next

Here, you have made the grade for a skilled Visa with 65 points even as you have been added to the SkillSelect line for your particular profession. Since you have become eligible with more than the least number of points for this line-of-work (here 60 points is the least), you will get an application prior to those aspirants who have made the grade with just 60 points. The tiny figure of the candidates, who have become eligible with more than 65 points, or those who have the identical figure of points as you but listed their EOI prior to you, will be sent an invite first.

EOI Situation Number 2

60 Points -60 Points -60 Points –65 Points –Next

In this second circumstance, with 65 points you have united your equivalent candidates, right at the top of the SkillSelect line although these candidates listed with SkillSelect months prior to you did. Given that your points total is higher, you will get an invite to submit an application for a Skilled Visa first.

Australian EOI Process – Scenario 3

65 Points-70 Points -70 Points -70 Points –Next

In this concluding situation, you have duly concluded your EOI, and feel rather happy about yourself. Despite just requiring 60 points to make the cut for your application, you have received 65 points.

But what you do not know is that there is a huge figure of aspirants who have been cooling their heels for an invite with even higher points. In this case, despite the fact that you have made the cut, with a high points total, the truth that there are candidates with even higher points before you signifies that you will fail to get an invite until an invite goes to the said aspirants first.

What Else You Need To Know

Post presenting your EOI, it is possible for you to check your point total. Still, against the backdrop of the fact that your position is incessantly changing since fresh EOIs are presented and invitations preferred, you will fail to figure out your position.

Your EOI will remain in SkillSelect for not more than 24 months. At any given time, through the validity of your EOI, it is possible for you to bring your particulars up-to-date, to show any added qualifications or experience you could have received. It could boost your probability of getting an invite or a recruiter calling you.

In the wake of every specific round of invitation, for the Independent and Skilled Regional (Provisional) Sponsored Visas, Canberra brings out–through the SkillSelect website–the lowest points test mark for which an EOI obtained an invite.

It will let you know where you actually stand, and how bright your chances are of getting an invite in the next rounds.

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