How Do I Get Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India 2019?

To all the immigration aspirants, the year 2019 has finally arrived with all the new hope and aspirations. Like the last year, Canada Express Entry is expected to shatter all the records of granting the Canada Permanent Resident Visa to the eligible candidates this year as well. All the applications will be processed through Canada Express Entry with its eligibility criteria outlined by the Canadian government for selecting the skilled professionals for Canada.

How to Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

The Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are solely responsible to carry out all the Visa Grant. The department has laid multiple methods in applying for permanent residency in Canada for Indians. It is a proven fact that only eligible applicants can apply for Canada PR Visa, wherein the candidates can avail the suitable method to attain the residency from the most popular programs such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program or Canada PNP, Quebec Skilled Worker, Family Sponsorship etc. Every program has an entirely different set of eligibility criteria and procedures for the candidates to follow carefully.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India 2019

Key Documents Required:

  • All the Academic and work experience documents
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) from appropriate Canadian Authorities such as WES, IQAS etc.
  • Language proficiency test Result copies (IELTS, PTE etc.)
  • Sufficient funds to support your application
  • Health and Character Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • Others documents as per the CIC requirement

How to Improve Your CRS Score in 2019 Online?

CRS score denotes the immigration points against one’s eligibility factors (Age, Education, work experience, language and adaptability); higher the better. Following factors can enhance your CRS score:

  • Enhance your Language Score

You can enroll for the nearest IELTS exam centre for a re-test and you may attain improved IELTS scores with every examination.

  • Improve Educational Qualifications

You can apply for a Master’s degree from a reputable institution to enhance your scores. The process may seem a little time taking but the hand work will result you with bonus academic scores.

  • Get a Provincial Nomination

Canada PNP is the most common and effective way to attain the higher CRS is to get the Provincial Nomination which not only sky-rocket your CRS but guarantees you the Canada Permanent Resident Visa. Most of the Canadian Provinces has their own nomination procedures in-line with labour market requirement.

  • Get sponsorship from a relative in Canada

If you have a family relative living in Canada as Permanent Citizen then it is the easiest way to grab some additional scores.

  • Get more Work Experience

As mentioned earlier higher the better, if you want to claim highest score the candidates must attain the experience over 6 years.

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