Find out how to get PR in Australia from India!

Are you from India, and quite inspired with Australia immigration? Do you wish to know how to get PR in Australia from India? The PR which stands for permanent residence is the closest Australian equivalent to the US Green Card.

Who are permanent residents, and why a large number of migrants wish to acquire permanent residency rights in Australia, or for that matter, any other top overseas destination? A permanent resident is an individual, who enjoys the right to live for an indefinite period inside in a country, in spite of not having the nation’s prized citizenship. Those who get the permanent residency in Australia or for that matter any other leading overseas nation are normally made available some kind of documentary proof as legal evidence of their ‘privileged’ position.

Dwelling in the Kangaroo Land for trained manpower

For overseas employees, one path to get permanent residency in the country is via the General Skilled Migration (GSM). This is a wonderful and helpful scheme duly tailored by Immigration Australia to draw the foreign employees between 18 and 45 years, minus a sponsoring recruiter/firm. The various available choices for getting permanent residency rights of the nation are:

  1. Skilled Independent Residence Visa (sub-category 885): It is for the overseas students who have, to their credit, a 2-year study qualification from Down Under, and who could be entitled to reside and get employed in the nation permanently.
  2. Skilled Sponsored Residence Visa (sub-category 886): This permit is for those temporary visa holders or overseas graduates who have done a 2-year study course in the country, and who have sponsorship from a family-member, or Australian State or Territory.
  3. Skilled Independent Migrant Visa (sub-category 175): It gives permanent residency rights to those aspirants outside the territorial jurisdictions of Australia whose expertise is required, and who clear the points test.
  4. Skilled Sponsored Migrant Visa (sub-category 176): Despite the fact that it requires a somewhat lower points test mark, the candidates ought to have a sponsoring family member, Australian Territory or State.

Other routes to permanent residency in Australia

One can acquire permanent residence in Australia sitting in India, through some other ways also. Overseas people who don’t file a petition through the GSM may still acquire the Australian residency rights permanently via:

  • The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS): Employees from abroad who have nominations to fill a submission for permanent job-opening, for not less than 3 years, could make the grade for an ENS permit sub-category 856 or 121.
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS): Manpower from abroad may make the cut for an onshore RSMS sub-category 857 permit, or an offshore RSMS 119 permit, to do a job for Australian firms situated across certain areas or regions with low populace growth.
  • Business Development: Permanent residence is directly obtainable for certain high level business individuals even as temporary permit holders could also make the grade.

As one can see, there are various visa helpful visa paths through which an applicant can get PR in Australia from India. To make the procedure easy and hassle-free, the aspirants, keen to get permanent residency rights in the Kangaroo Land from India, must contact expert Australia visa and immigration consultants operating from this part of the world.

Since Australia is a hot immigration destination, and targeted by a significant number of immigrants every year under various visa classes made available by Immigration Australia there is really no dearth of those who are really eager to know about the involved procedures, and get valuable assistance and advice on these.

To cater to such aspirants as mentioned just a short while ago there are an impressive number of immigration & visa advisors and consultants in the market. One can easily locate them even as they get the much required assistance and guidance from them.

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