How Many Australian PR Points Require As Per Calculator?

World has become digital, and one’s abilities are often judged on the basis of a scale of numbers. Higher the numbers you get better will be your chances of success. This trend has gripped even the immigration industry, and most top destinations have a Points Based System these days to review the candidates’ qualities. If we talk about Australia, it has SkillSelect. The system employs Australian PR Points Calculator to take a decision.

It’s a handy tool that the Australia Immigration uses to award points to your profile, on the basis of your age, education, work experience, and language skills, etc.

How Many Points You Need?

While a total of 100 points are available, you require not less than 67 points (theoretically) to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) in the country.

Australia PR Points Calculator

Here we used the word ‘theoretically’ because ‘in reality’ you need at least 75-80 points to get an ITA and the right to apply for PR.

What PR Options You Have?

Talking of PR, you have many easy-to-follow visa options to get it and become a proud resident in the hotspot. Right from Skilled Immigration to Family Immigration to Business Immigration the number of visa options available is long and impressive.

Decide Wisely

It’s entirely up to you to decide. However, it’s easier said than done, as sometimes it may not be an easy job, especially when you are trying to figure How to apply for Australia PR for the first time.

Get Help

At such situations, seeking and receiving help and guidance from the experts will be crucial . You will certainly not like to ‘kill’ your chances, by taking or opting for a wrong category. The visa and immigration officials for the Kangaroo Land will not entertain your application if it’s not submitted under the right category.

Check Your Eligibility

But with expert help, no such things will happen. If suppose your profile is perfect to express your interest in the movement, through the skilled category, you will get to know that you have to apply as a skilled worker.

Skilled Movement

Talking of skilled movement under economic category-as mentioned earlier-SkillSelect will be right for you. To get a visa through this popular route, all you have to do is send your Expression of Interest (EoI) to the DHA and score 75-80 points. Then, get an ITA from it to apply for a PR Visa with all supporting documents.

Afterwards, face an interview (if required), get your medical and character certificates, pay the mandatory PR fees, get your PR Visa, and then move permanently abroad.

Check with us TODAY to learn how you can perform well before the Australia Immigration Points Calculator.

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