How to Apply for Australia PR Visa ?

When you think of going to Australia PR Visa be rest assured you are well taken care of. With breathtaking landscape, lush floral cover and a diverse wildlife scene, the island continent of Australia is the right choice when you choose to settle down in an overseas country as an immigrant. You are spoilt for choice here, as Australia is home to chief cities of the world such as Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne.

Australia is not a country with Aboriginal or European population inhabiting it, but a powerhouse of heterogeneous cultural, religious and racial origins. The multi-ethnic backgrounds and what they bring in with them, in term of their cultural influences is what really makes Australia such a special place to be.

Some of the Top Reasons for you to Immigrate to Australia are:

  • An Economy which is Stable brimming with Employment Opportunities
  • Healthy Environment and a Low Air Pollution makes Australia is an ideal place to inhabit as compared to other countries that have high pollution levels.
  • World Class Level of Quality Education inclusive of top-notch universities.
  • A high range of outdoor activities coupled with the unique offerings of the country is what makes Australia so special.
  • The mild weather of Australia is what makes it so desirable in terms of permanent residence for immigrants, who hail from extreme weather conditions.
  • Medicare and a well sustained Healthcare system of the supreme level are what makes Australia a place where healthcare amenities are a priority and of extreme importance.
  • High Quality of Life is One of another major reason immigrants permanently settle in Australia. One of the admirable qualities is their ability to preserve more than 500 national parks.

With so many attractive benefits and opportunities, the question is how to apply for Australian visa for PR in the first place. Let us help you do that in a simple and efficient way

Step 1

Ensure that you select a Visa Subclass as well as download the relevant visa application form that you are required to fill.

Step 2

Your Visa application will be incomplete without the appropriate documentation and in the correct format. You should accumulate all the documents you will be needing for the purpose of documentation. Ensure that all documents and details are filled, or else there can be a delay or a rejection of your Australia PR visa application form altogether.

Step 3

Prepare for IELTS and Skills Assessment for the nominated occupation you are choosing for. After this, you need to file for an Expression of Interest (EOI). Then depending on your qualifications and fulfillment of the eligibility requirements, as well as the total points scored on the Ranking system you will be receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).  Your skills must match the Skilled labor market of Australia in order for you to get a suitable job in the land of Kangaroos. You don’t need a lot of information load on how to apply for an Australia PR visa, it is as simple as that!

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