How to Go About Post Landing In Canada?

Now that you have arrived in Canada, certain mandatory requirements are a must to be fulfilled. The initial culture shock of the new place would make it a difficult for you to settle down. But, worry not! The service of an immigration and visa specialist is an important guiding factor at this stage.

You would need to find a job for yourself so that you can support self and dependents. Along with this, comes chalking out a suitable accommodation. The following details would help you with the same –

Apply for a Canadian identification which includes a driver’s license, a health insurance card which are mandatory to be carried at all times.
Open a local bank account, apply for private health insurance incase you do not qualify for the immediate public health insurance coverage of the local province.
A Social Insurance Number (SIN) has to be applied for.
Last but the not least, start searching for a job.

In your initial days of landing, you can prioritize the below mentioned activities as the major ones –

Look for accommodation and housing options.
Get accustomed to the local area. It would be ideal if you go through a map and find out about the various modes of transportation available.
Exchange money to get and use the Canadian currency.
Get your hand on a local telephone and make a record of all the telephone numbers that are important.
Get to know more about Canada and enroll your children to an appropriate school.

The first few months should see you doing the following –

Work on your language and communication skills.
Register with a doctor in the community.
Immunize your children.
Know more about the various services offered in your local community which is now your home.
Get in touch with the Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) assessment centre in your community. It is suggested that you enroll yourself for language classes.
Apply for tax and the various tax benefits and other credits.

As time passes and you get acclimatized to your surroundings, you can slowly learn more about your rights and responsibilities as put forth by the Canadian laws.

Above all, it is best to consult an Immigration and Visa firm where the consultants would see to it that you go through a smooth ride post landing in Canada.

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