How to Go About Visa Selection

Some of the most crucial decisions of one’s life come about when it is least expected. It is when you are all relaxed and have forgotten about the rest of the world or your future for that matter. Such an occasion could be best described on a vacation.


You visit a new destination and realize that it is the place that you would want to spend the rest of your life. If you have had such an experience, it is best thing that has ever happened to you. This is because one part of your decision to immigrate has become much easier. You know where to settle down and more so, you have already seen the place.

For instance, you went to Australia on a vacation and you loved the place so much that you want to reside in that country permanently. After you have made your mind on migrating to Australia, the next obvious thing to do is how to go about immigration. More so, whether you are eligible or not for the same.

Here are a few aspects which can help with the same.

What kind of a visa would you require? This basically depends on your purpose of visit. Australia is a great place to set a business or to work and so on. It is of high importance to apply and obtain the correct visa before actually boarding your flight. You would not want to be deported the moment you land in Australia.

If you are visiting as a tourist, you would need to avail a tourist visa. This is known as an ETA Short Stay Tourist visa or a Long Stay Tourist visa. If you intend to travel on business and work purposes, then you need to apply for the Business visas. The visa to be availed depends on your duration of stay in Australia.

How to Apply? It is easier to apply online via the ETA or the Electronic Travel Authority visa. This visa is basically for those individuals whose duration of stay in Australia would not exceed beyond three months. With this visa, no other form of documentation would be required. Your passport would be given a number which is digital in nature. This number is specific to your application.

On the other hand, if you intend to live permanently in Australia, you need to apply under the Skilled Migrant category. Professionals are selected based on the requirements in a specific professional or occupational domain. Those intending to study can apply for the study visa.

Do you need a visa to go to Australia? Citizens of specific countries do not require a passport to visit Australia. These include the citizens of New Zealand or if you are just stopping by in Australia for not more than eight hours. Also, you should have a valid flight ticket and not departing from the transit lounge.

Australia was just one example. It is almost similar with many other countries where you have to apply for the right visa program before you can actually board your plane. To know more, it is best to contact an immigration and visa expert who could further help you with the same.

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