How to Grab the Right Job Opportunity in Canada in 2021

How to Grab the Right Job Opportunity in Canada in 2021?

While the Canadian economy is recovering from the pandemic, businesses are opening back; employers are looking for workers across many key sectors that will continue to serve Canadians. As Canada’s labor market is adjusting to the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic, many Canadian employers are looking for workers with outstanding skills and who can contribute to their growth and development.

If you’re worried about your ability to find a job in Canada during the pandemic, you’re in the right place. We’ve got some great tips to help you maximize your chances of finding the right job in Canada, including the steps you can take to give an edge to your profile and how to target your job search to industries that are hiring right now.

Every year over 200,000 newcomers arrive in Canada for employment through Canada express entry. As Canada continues to welcome skilled professionals worldwide to fuel the country’s economy, many foreign nationals can try their luck in the Canadian job market. Getting a job in Canada before settling down also boosts your scores in the Express Entry system by up to 200 points

Tips to search for jobs in Canada

Job search in Canada starts with your resume

Your resume is key to finding a job in Canada. Employers will assess your suitability for the role based on your resume only. So, make sure you have created a Canadian-style resume to help employers know you understand the labor market conditions of Canada.

A typical Canadian style resume includes:

  • Contact information
  • Professional/Career Summary
  • Work experience
  • Education/Professional Development

We advise you to add technical skills and volunteer experience/community involvement to make your resume stand out among the rest.

Additionally, an employer may also ask for the applicant to provide a cover letter. Your cover letter must provide additional information about your skills, experience, and what makes you the right candidate for the job.

Be selective in your job search

Candidates must try to be selective to find a job in Canada. Do not apply for every job you see online with the same resume and cover letter. Research about the company, the job role advertised, and how it can help you grow professionally. Instead, you can do networking, cold callings, and informed interviews to give the right direction to your job hunt.

Once you apply for jobs and building connections, don’t forget to send “thank you” and follow-up emails to employers. It gives them an impression of your genuine intentions towards the job role.

Gather strong references

You can make the process of your Canadian job search easier by getting better endorsements and references. Get enough references from previous employers in your home country or anywhere you have worked as part of Canada immigration. These references will help the potential employer learn about your skills, professional conduct, and skills.

A potential employer may contact a previous employer via phone to enquire about your work ethic.

Use the right job searching portals and tools

There are many government-approved sites in Canada where you can find jobs and connect with many employers. Leverage Job Bank. Job Bank is Canada’s most popular job searching tool for foreign skilled professionals to find the right position. Not only jobs, but the portal also gives valuable information on wages, in-demand jobs in Canada, employment trends, job duties, and much more.

Apart from Job Bank, you can use LinkedIn to connect with potential employers in Canada. This social media tool effectively sends resumes, builds professional networks, promotes your profiles, and builds an excellent network of professionals.

Connect with settlement service organizations

Many organizations in Canada provide settlement services to newcomers in Canada. These organizations work tirelessly to help newcomers to get settled and search for a job. These organizations can help you with the following:

  • look for a job
  • get a language assessment
  • register for language classes
  • find a place to live
  • sign up your kids for school
  • learn about community services

Get accredited

Your profession may require your foreign qualifications to be accredited in Canada. For example, Occupations such as teaching, physiotherapy, nursing, social work, etc., usually require additional accreditation. This process can take a while, so be prepared.

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