Migrate to Australia-Learn How!

Migrate to Australia

Working in Australia would only be possible if you migrate to Australia. There are certain steps that need to be followed for the object. Let us see the steps!

Select the Work Visa

You must be having some skill by means of which you are working in some other country. If you have those skills which Oz needs, then it would be easier for you to migrate to the destination. The first thing that you can do is to submit Express of Interest (EoI) through SkillSelect. It would let the authority know that you would like to have a visa under that skill. Express your skill in details, so that it becomes possible for the authority to determine whether the skill that you have is the one that they are looking for. It is not an application for visa though.

You can also be nominated by a government authority

If you want to migrate, you can be nominated by a government authority of the country. Different regional migration sites help you to apply for such nomination. The only thing that is required to have is that set of skill which that particular state requires.

You can be nominated by family members

If you have family members residing in Down Under, they can also nominate you for the migration. Various means are there by which they can sponsor your move. You can be their parents, child or someone who has a long and permanent medical condition. In such a situation, your family members residing in Oz can sponsor your move. You can tell your family members to sponsor according to the category that you fall in. The application will be checked by the competent authority, and then you can apply for the visa so that you can migrate to Australia.

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