Find Out How to Obtain PR Visa to Australia via Investment

Australia Permanent Resident VisaAustralia is an amazing place to be at, especially on a permanent basis. But, planning to get a Permanent Residence (PR) Visa to Australia could be a rather tough pursuit altogether. With the help of a good immigration agent though you are always on the verge of getting your Expression of Interest (EoI) positively considered in the first place.

Immigration to this very popular and extensively visited destination has been redefined under two specific categories, in the first category you can just move to the place, whereas, under the other category, you can get the PR Visa to Australia.

For it, you can either go with investment or under the skilled category. Generally, the PR Visa to Australia is given to those immigrants who have exceptional skills which can bring about economic and social benefits for the country.

In this piece, you will come to know about how to get the PR Visa.

Australia Permanent Resident Visa through Investment

In order to get into Oz with the Investor Visa, it is important for you to have lived in that country for a period of two to four years. At the same time, you have a focused mind towards investing in the nation.

For the immigrants, they must approach the concerned visa and immigration body, namely, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) with a blue print and strategy based on which they will present the proposal to accept them as Australian citizens. It is also mandatory that immigrants have no criminal complaints against them.

The investment will also play a vital role to help you decide the immigration. The erstwhile investment earmarked by Canberra is 1, 50,000 Australian Dollars, and the investors must ensure that the investment stays in the country for a period of 4 years.

Debt redemption is also one of the clauses which can deter the movement to this country. If during your initial stay in the Australia you have taken any loans, it is compulsory that you have paid up those loans in order to get the residency of the hotspot.

Under the Australia Business Investment Visa, you can ask your family to come and live with you in the country. There are many more benefits associated with the visa, but you will not be entitled to receive any social benefits when you have been living in the country under this visa.

Apart from this, as mentioned before, in order to streamline everything in the best possible manner, you need to have a good immigration agent or consultant to help you.

When you have a good immigration professional, they will help you understand all the nuances of the visas, and PR Visa to Australia can be easily achieved by their expert guidance and timely assistance.

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