Humanitarian Immigration Benefiting Australian Society!

According to the latest Australian Sponsored Research, immigrants to Australia are likely to go for work opportunities in local areas, take part in entrepreneurial endeavors and volunteer work responsibilities which will ultimately lead to the welfare of the whole Australian society.

A report called “Economic, Social and Civic Contributions of First and Second Generation Humanitarian Entrants” focused at second-generation humanitarian immigrants. This is the very first comprehensive report on this subject that was prepared by Professor Graeme Hugo.

On the occasion of World Refugee Day, the government of Australia commissioned this research report for better understanding of the social, economic and civic contributions of humanitarian immigrants to the country.

According to the Immigration Minister of Australia, though many migrants to the country face difficulties in the initial period of their migration, research has showed that these migrants play a very significant role in social engagement, personnel participation and possession of business in the country.

He also mentioned that these immigrants have started settling down in the remote and local areas of the country that leads to the fulfillment of labour shortage in the country. With the help of world-class settlement services in Australia, most of the humanitarian immigrants effectively adjust in the country. Moreover, the immigrants to the nation, particularly those who come under the second generation, are gradually matching the levels of economic and social contribution in the country.

Though the economic condition of the country is growing day-by-day, shortage of workforce has become a main concern for the Australian Government. To fill the vacancies, many companies are looking forward to overseas immigration, particularly those from the mining industry and from the resource sector industries.

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