Hungary Business and Investment Immigration Can Be Very Rewarding

Hungary is a lively country. Its people are dynamic and peace loving. Located in Central Europe it is known as an upper middle income country with a relatively high Human Development Index (HDI). It is also one of the popular tourist destinations visited by over 10 million people annually.

The country’s economy is fast growing, and if you are looking for an opportunity–either to start a business venture or make an investment overseas–then Hungary is just perfect. Looking at the present economical situations, some experts believe that in future Hungary business and investment immigration can be most rewarding.

The nation is well known for its low cost of living which means migrants can save more on their investment. Such a country is ideal for those who are on a continuous look out for a place that can provide them higher outputs.

Now let’s take a look at the factors why people should consider investing in Hungary!

If you are a business professional and keen to start a business venture abroad, then it’s easy by starting your own company. Perhaps among the European Union (EU) countries, Hungary is most suitable for small business personals as the corporate tax is very low at just 10%.

Foreign business professionals prefer to open a KFT type of a company it is based on a single owned LLC. On an annual income of a business professional local companies issue you a VAT number using the same you will have filed corporate tax every year.

Forming a company in the country neither takes much time nor is required to spend loads of money. It’s easy and does not take more than three weeks and does not require more than EUR 10,000. Once a company is formed, you may submit an application for visa.

Initially, you will be issued a ‘C’ category entry visa for 30 days, and once you reach Hungary, you will be issued a ‘Bio-metric Residence card’ as a residence permit. Applicants enjoy almost the same benefits as per Hungarian Citizens with certain restrictions enjoyed by its citizens alone.

For those who are looking for an opportunity to make an investment, the nation’s Investment Bond Programme introduced in early 2012 is most suitable. The country easily opens the gates of the EU for foreign nationals.

It is the easiest en-route to acquire Permanent Residence (PR) by making an investment EUR 300,000 in the Hungarian Government Bonds issued by the Government Debt Management Agency. The investment is made for a period of five years, and after the maturity period, the invested amount will be refunded without any interests.

Those who are looking for an opportunity to acquire Hungary business and investment immigration need to know that both the programmes give a chance to applicants to become the Hungary Permanent Residents and enjoy the social benefits at par with its citizens however.

At a later stage, if you meet the set criteria, you can also apply for Hungary Citizenship. You are eligible to bring along your immediate family members (children below 18 years of age) enjoying the same status and benefits.

The programme also gives you an open opportunity to have an easy access to the EU and the Schengen Zone without any restrictions.

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