Hungary Immigrant Investor Programme FAQs — Take A Look!

Gone are the days when investors thought of investing in only specific countries, like the US, the UK, or Australia. These days, more and more investors are heading to the European destinations and the nations like Hungary has gained widespread popularity and fast become a preferred destination for the foreign business people and investors. Hungary Immigrant Investor Programme is one of the best programs to give you entry into the country and earn the Hungarian Permanent Residency Status.

Hungary Immigrant Investor Programme

Hungarian Residency Bond Programme

It is nothing but the Hungary Immigrant Investor Programme.

The nation is a member state of the European Union (EU) and Schengen State. Thus, you are free to take a trip to other member nations.

In 2012, the Hungarian parliament conceived a new regulation related to the ‘investor residency’ in the country. With certain terms and conditions the programme offers the prized Permanent Residency (PR) status to the non-EU nationals who possess legally acquired net worth of least EUR 300,000.

The stream offers lifelong residency in the country for the entire family. The new amendments to the scheme make it even more attractive and appealing. As per these, you can bring along your dependent children and parents as well.

Hungary Immigrant Investor Programme Major Advantages

Following are the number of benefits enjoyed by the applicants under the scheme:

  • You make a onetime payment and enjoy the benefits rest of your life.
  • Easy to meet requirements and complete assistance throughout the program.
  • Quick processing, and for the right candidate PR can be acquired in just two months.
  • You can bring along your spouse, parents and dependent children at no extra cost with similar status of permanent resident.
  • Total investment is of EUR 360,000 out of which EUR 300,000 will be refunded post maturity period that is five years. This is the most reasonable offer for any similar European investment programme.
  • You can freely travel to the member EU nations and Schengen zone without any border restrictions.
  • You can easily apply for the visa of other countries while you are in Hungary.
  • The country provides social security, and hence you and your family are 100% safe here.

What is the Hungary Immigrant Investor Programme?

With a view to motivate foreign investment into their nation, the Hungarian administration introduced the Hungarian Residency and Citizenship Bond Scheme a few years back, during the late 2012. However, the plan officially began its operations only in the middle of 2013.

The plan necessitates the candidates to get special residency bonds worth EUR 300,000, having a maturity time-frame of 5 years, which are given and promised by the administration. When the time of maturity comes, the original investment is to be given back to the investor, without the accumulated interest though.

Via getting these subscribed bonds, the primary candidates and their families, which comprise partners, and depended kids & parents, will get the qualifications to present their Residence Permit Applications under the favored treatment. In case their petition finds sanction, in such a situation, they will receive the PR position for life.

Still, according to the nation’s immigration law, it is mandatory that these special residency bonds are exclusively achieved by the Residency Bond Agents who have been offered endorsement from the concerned body, namely, the Economic and Information Technology Committee inside the national parliament of the nation.

Does the scheme have approval from the Hungarian Government?

The Hungarian Government passed a law in December 2012 which was later amended in 2014 and 2016 that offers Hungarian the PR Visa in return of an investment in Government bonds, for a period of five years.

Is there a surety that I will get a PR Visa through the scheme?

Your chances to get a Hungarian PR Visa through the Residency Bond Programme are confirmed if you meet the following major requirements:-

  • Hold a valid passport, and be a citizen of non EU country.
  • Be in a financial capacity to make an investment of at least EUR 360,000 out of which 300, 00 are refundable.
  • Must be able to clear a basic security check conducted by the Hungarian government.
  • Be able to submit all the required documents as and when required.

At the time of submitting the application for the Hungary Immigrant Investor Programme am I required to have a Hungarian address?

The good news as per the new amendments, at the time of submitting the application, you are not required to have a Hungarian address.

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