Hungary Immigration Possible via Investor Programme

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in a European country, then you will be more than happy to know that you may apply for Hungary Investor Programme and consider Hungary Immigration. Hungary is located in Central Europe.

It’s a survivor of the World War II and has worked hard to boost its economy.At the present, the nation has a thriving economy, and is ranked high on the Human Development Index (HDI). It’s one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.A rough estimate shows that as many as 10.675 million tourists visit the country every year.

If you are thinking about Hungary Immigration as stated above, you may do so through its Investor Programme. In 2012, the immigration hotspot implemented a new legislation allowing the Non European Union (EU) citizens to get permanent residence (PR) by investing in it.

You may get Hungary PR, if you make a purchase of specifically issued Hungarian bonds worth EUR 300,000 with a maturity period of not less than five years. Any applicant, who is interested in making an investment in Hungary, can make a purchase of the above stated bonds–either individually or via his or her personally owned company (majority).

The newly introduced programme is one of the best residency programmes in the EU. The main reason is that the threshold is minimum,vis-à-vis what one sees in other European nations. The scheme does not have a long list of ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ and even the language is not a barrier.

How the programme works?

Applicants need to buy Hungarian bonds worth EUR 300,000 with a maturity period of not less than five years.After five years, the main amount will be duly returned to the investor without any interest. As per law, the investment program is used to buy bonds issued by a Residency Bond Agent authorized by the governing body. In return, the agent makes a purchase of Hungarian Government bonds. This transaction is more or less a subscription agreement, and the bonds are specifically for this programme, and are not liable for trading in any way or for selling in the secondary market.

Soon after the security is issued to the foreign investor, the Residence Bond Agent will duly declare certifying Hungarian bond of worth EUR 300,000, and a five years maturity period will be purchased from the amount duly received from the foreign investor, and within 45 days, a residence permit will be issued in his. Additionally, the investor will have to bear the cost of visa application fees and application processing.

Once an investment has been made, initially a residence permit will be issued for a maximum of six months for the main applicant and his family members (children below the age of eighteen). There after, residence permit is converted into PR valid for five years with the unique feature of automatic renewal.It is possible to get Hungary citizenship only once you have successfully lived in the nation for eight years.The country also supports the dual citizenship.

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