Hunt for Fake Indian Consultant!

Punjab cops are hunting for a fake immigration consultant who is believed to have played forgeries with thousands of local clans of Punjab, making false promises for granting Canadian Student Visas to their children. The accusations are portrayed by the Canadian diplomats. For this, he went on to grab thousands and thousands of fee structure from his prospective clients.

Also, investigations are carried out by the Canada Border Services Agency in case of three study institutions from Ontario. These institutions have been accused of imposing higher amount of educational fee on Indian students who enroll themselves in these universities.

Cops from Punjab and the Canada Border Services Agency investigation was followed after the concerned immigration consultant Sandeep Ohri came into news for making big bucks in a short span of time. he used to grab money for enrolling students in three main Canadian colleges, namely Toronto’s InterCultural Academy Institute; Brampton’s Academy of Learning; and North Bay’s Canadore College.

Investigations also confirmed that the clients managed to enter the Canadian premises through fake financial statements and forgery data from banks. Plenty of complaints have been recorded against him and now a proactive search has been going on for his presence. In addition to this, a First Information Report has been filed against him. The accused was not available for comment as his mobile phone is also switched off.

Two of his offices are succumbed to police raids too. His clients are now lying in a state of limbo. To avoid such condition, it is advised to opt for assistance from a legal immigration and visa expert.

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