Illegal Immigration to the U.S by Indians Gets Doubled in Past Few Years

Illegal Immigration to the U.S by Indians Gets Doubled in Past Few Years

According to a report published by the Department of Homeland Security, United States, an estimated 629,000 visitors, which is 1% of all travelers, overstayed in the U.S. as students, tourists, temporary workers, etc., representing a growing number of illegal immigrants in the country. It’s disheartening to see how so many well-educated Indians are following this path and risking their lives and reputations.

The death of an Indian man from Gujarat trying to cross the US-Mexico border has again put the issue of illegal immigration into the spotlight by unscrupulous agents. As per a local media report, the man was crossing the border with his wife and a three-year-old son in Mexico’s Tijuana when the woman plunged to the US side, and her husband fell from a height of five meters on the Mexican side with his son. The family’s tragic end is a story of thousands of people, especially Indians, who leave no chance to fulfill their American dream.

Unfortunately, the number of Indians caught by the US immigration authorities while scaling the border has intensified since 2021. According to official data from the American government, US Border Patrol apprehended 4,297 Indians illegally crossing the Mexican border in October and November, compared to 1,426 during those two months in 2021 and 16,236 by the end of September.

Moreover, US authorities caught 63,927 Indians with no documents during the 2021-22 fiscal year that ended in September, a 109% surge compared to the 30,662 they encountered in 2021. The year 2022 ended with a total of 13,655 undocumented Indians found illegally living in the United States. This number was relatively low in 2019-20 at 19,883.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 2,312 Indians were deported from the US during 2019-20 and 1,616 in 2018-19.

Looking at the whopping figures, one could eventually feel the craziness and desperate urge Indians have when relocating abroad. It’s good to dream but not at the cost of your and your family’s life. It’s shocking to see that despite having a plethora of legal immigration channels, Indians are still opting for illegitimate routes to migrate to their favourite destination.

In 2019, Mexico deported 311 Indians, who had entered the country to cross the U.S. border, back to Delhi. Each of them paid fraud visa agents around 20-25 lakhs to get to the U.S. Some families borrow this money from banks or mortgage their properties and even sell their ancestral lands to pay these illicit visa agents.

Why only choose legal pathways?

In the era of globalisation, it’s quite natural to find oneself drawn towards migrating to another country for various social and economic reasons. Many skilled Indian professionals migrate to developed countries, such as Canada, the U.S., Australia, the U.K., Europe, etc.

Undocumented migrants, no matter to what capacity, can never be sure of their stay in a specific country as the fear of deportation lingers forever. On the other hand, legal migrants feel confident in their documents and can conveniently move to and from the country. They also don’t face any hurdles while seeking job opportunities.

Considering India’s excellent reputation on the global front, Indians practically have no dearth of options when they aspire to leave their country. Talking about countries like Canada, which desperately needs migrants to address labour gaps, has many immigration routes ranging from skilled professionals, students, families, temporary workers, and business investors.

Australia is another country that relies extensively on immigration for its economy and offers many immigration routes for low to highly-skilled workers. Fake immigration agents take advantage of potential migrants willing to go above and beyond in search of a better life when legal channels are inaccessible.

Migration to another country unlocks immense opportunities and benefits – for the migrant and their family. So, why not take this big step legally and professionally? No government stops you from entering, provided you have the proper documents and permits to arrive there.  

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